Denis & Yuliya were born and raised in Russia and both began dancing at the age of 6. They started their dance career by dancing both Styles: International Latin and Standard. They have been dancing partners for 13 years, and together have achieved Russian national championship titles ,England rising stars top three, & traveled all over the world competing and teaching.
After Denis & Yuliya moved to USA in 2008, they became USA national professional latin finalists.They then were USA national show dance runner ups, & after that certified world class educators who have judged some of the most prestigious competitions in the world.
In 2015, while living in Los Angeles, they decided to retire from competitive dancing as a couple and focus their passion for dancing on their studio, teaching others, and performing and judging competitions.

Bailey Whitfield – Teacher
Originally from Portland, Oregon, Bailey started her dance career at the age of 11 dancing hip hop, and has since studied bellydance, latin ballroom, yoga, and zumba. In June 2017 she will be heading to Cuba, the motherland of Latin dance, to study Salsa Cubana with the masters and immerse herself in the many other dances that originated in Cuba such as rumba, mambo, and the cha cha. Bailey loves working with people of all ages and enjoys helping others find the rhythm in their hearts.

Michael Thompson – Teacher
Michael was born and raised in southern California and has been dancing nearly all his life. He has studied and taught hip hop, tap, jazz, and latin ballroom. Michael is a resident dancer at Disneyland, and also enjoys teaching ballroom and introducing people to dance, the hidden language of the soul.

James Casaz, the “Zumba king”
James was born with the gift of abilities to music and art, loves music and dance creativities. He discovered the world of artistic gymnastic in his teen, his love for this art has allowed him to become a fitness instructor as part of his career, his passion is to teach, to help people get fit, get healthy in a very fun way. James became a certified fitness instructor for cycling, kickboxing, steps aerobics and toning in his mid twenties, became a ZIN master certified Zumba instructor in 2002 as one of the very first Zumba instructor in Socal., he has been teaching zumba ever since, his talent of music, creation of dance choreography and his passionate coaching method earned him the nickname of “Zumba King”, he had introduced Zumba to many people over the years, he had helped many gyms to open and built their Zumba classes, he had helped and continues to help more people to get fit, be healthy in a very simple way – Just Zumba. His love of teaching will never stop he said.

Including classic Zumba dance, Zumba strong and Z steps, he always loves to challenge you in class but also remains some softness and always fun at the same time. his playlist and dance choreography are for all ages and levels. It’s fun, it’s fitness, it’s James Zumba.

Yogini, Lyanna – Teacher
Lyanna is a fashion designer, beauty creator and pet lover with a pure and simple soul. Her yoga journey started 25 years ago in her first India trip to Cochin Kerala, she felt in love with the yoga life style and ever since, yoga became part of her life. She studied yoga from the root to Asana, Hatha and meditation in “Health and Yoga “school India and “Art of Living “ India through years of traveling to India and yoga around the world, she is a RYT 200 yoga teacher by The Yoga Alliance. She specifies in Yin-flow, Restorative, Therapeutic yoga. Her passion is to help empower and inspire people to feel good, to feel comfortable in their own skin. She engage students with a playful yoga sequences that potently produce a meditative atmosphere for peace of mind, comfort of heart, feeling of joy, with her healing touch and mindful adjustments, she dedicated to spreading love and light, bring you a unique spiritual and light-hearted yoga experience. Lyanna’s Yoga sequences are created for all ages and abilities. Her philosophies, live to love, love to live. She will forever remain a yoga student.